In addition to our vehicle MOT and servicing options, LV Repairs offer a large range of other vehicle services to owners across Basildon and the wider Essex area.

Air Conditioning

We offer air conditioning re-gas and repair service throughout Basildon. This type of service is recommended if your car’s air conditioning system hasn’t been checked over in a while or it is old.

Puncture Repairs

LV Repairs offer a tyre puncture repair service, wherever this is possible. However, if your tyre cannot be repaired, our experienced mechanics will replace it instead.

Body Repairs

LV Repairs offer body repairs for any kind of accident damage, be it an insurance claim or private. We can help with dents and scratches, restorations, re-sprays and welding for MOT failures.

Alloy Wheels

Whether you’re looking for new alloy wheels for your car, or need an alloy repair service in Basildon, we can help transform the look of your car.


Had an accident or broken down? LV Repairs offer a comprehensive breakdown recovery and towing services throughout Basildon and the wider Essex region.


LV Repairs stock a wide range of car, motorbike, 4×4, winter, high performance and budget tyres for all applications. These are available for premium, mid-range and budget/ affordable tyre brands.

Locking Wheel Nut Removal

Our experienced mechanics are able to remove any locking wheel nut or locking wheel bolt without damage for all makes and models of vehicles.


We offer an engine diagnostic check to assess your vehicle’s engine control computer (ECU). This scans for any issues and error codes.

Bulbs & Wipers

It is important that your bulbs and windscreen wipers are functioning correctly for safety purposes. LV Repairs can sort both of these issues for you at a time that suits you.


LV Repairs regularly have special offers running. Please check our social media platforms or call us today to find out more about our range of current offers.


LV Repairs offer a wide range of suspension repairs including shock absorber replacement, front and rear shocks, front and rear suspension bushes, differential,
track rod end replacement and more!

Engine Treatments

If you’re looking for an engine flush through, LV Repairs can help. Engine treatments will make your engine quieter, give you more power and low car emissions.

Vehicle Safety Checks (Free)

We can carry out a range of vehicle safety checks free of charge. All parts we use match the original specification.

4 Wheel Laser Alignment

If you’ve driven through potholes, hit a kerb or gone over speed humps too quickly, your wheels may be unbalanced. We can correct your wheel alignment to increase the performance of your tyres and for safety purposes.

SMART Repairs

Small to Medium Area Repair Technology (SMART) is the process of repairing a car using specialised tools, materials and paint on a localised, damaged area.

This type of repair means there’s no need to repaint or remove the whole section of your car.

Paintless Dent Removal

This process is the only way to keep your vehicle’s original factory paint finish and also maintain the manufacturer’s body warranty.


Is your car battery playing up or dead? LV Repairs offer a full battery replacement service across Basildon.